DIY Chevron Frame Board

We’ve all seen the darling Chevron Frames floating around on Pinterest. So many options! I was dreaming of something GIANT to be a backboard for my big family photo canvas. I have a lot of canvases and faux canvases (link here) around my house, so I wanted to switch it up and add some character!
I’ll admit, this wasn’t the quickest project ever. I know there are a lot of chevron painting tutorials out there, so find the one that works best for you. As for me…this is what I came up with.

1. Have a board cut in the dimensions you want. We had Lowe’s cut our board so we ended up with 2 pieces & saved one for another project

 2. Paint desired base color. I used white acrylic paint

 3. After it’s dry, I took a ruler and a pencil and drew a grid design on the board so that I knew everything would be even. Then I taped, with my points ending on the vertical lines. This took some time!

 4. After 2 coats of spray paint, I took the paint off and was happy with the design!

 5. I really love the worn/distressed look rather than a clean solid look. So I took some sand paper and scraped vertically so that the turquoise “bled” a little into the white.

 6. I took my canvas and with heavy duty sticky adhesive (Lowe’s), I placed it on the board. The adhesive is pretty strong but still removable so that you can update your canvases in the future.

I LOVE how my Chevron Board turned out! It looks much more distressed in person. This was part of my living room makeover project for under $100. You can find that post (here)!

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