DIY Dresser Stenciling

This project was featured on KSL Studio 5!
DIY Dresser Stenciling

As part of my triplets’ big girl room makeover, I wanted to makeover my husband’s old dresser. I  love Moroccan Trellis and thought it would be darling to put it on the dresser somehow. But I didn’t want to spend a bundle on wallpaper and I didn’t have any stencils yet. So I had to get creative. But first, I had to paint that bad boy.

Ok back to stenciling. Because I make cakes, I have a lot of neat fondant cutters, and I just so happened to have a Moroccan cutter that I LOVE. It was the perfect size! So I took to tracing it lightly with a pencil. This took a while but it was so worth it. The trick is holding it really still!

Next, I went over it with a paint marker. About halfway through, I decided it wasn’t thick enough so I went back over it with an extra wide paint marker. You can find these at your local craft store like JoAnn’s and Michaels. This was my favorite part…it really started to come together!

Next, I took some mod podge over it to seal & protect it. Plus it gives it that finished shine. Make sure your paint is dry long before you do this step though.

 Before & After
 Up Close

I loved this project and have completed several others, I highly recommend it because it’s so easy with such a professional result. You can pretty much take any object in your house and trace it in a pattern. Overlapping circles is a great one!

You can purchase a Moroccan Print Stencil at the craft store for around $5 and I have several stencils on hand now that I will share in other posts. But I still love this option. I think it’s a lot cleaner and quicker than a stencil.


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