DIY Planter Box & Vaseline Distressing

I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect centerpiece for my kitchen table for a long time now. I wanted something original, something that made a big statement, and something that could transform with each holiday/season. I found the perfect idea. A Planter Box Table Runner.
Construction was pretty easy to begin with, but I ran into some problems because of the type of wood I selected. If I could offer any advice, I would suggest choosing a lightweight wood. Possibly fencepost or pallet wood. Something you can hammer a nail into…without the wood splitting.
I chose a really hard and sturdy craft wood from Lowe’s. The plus side is they had the perfect sizes. 4ft x 6in. All I had to cut was the 2 end pieces and I had them do that for me at the store.
Based on some other tutorials I’ve found, you should be able to nail a hammer into them but my nails weren’t going in…and when I tried to drill them, the wood started splitting.
Luckily, my trusty handyman husband came to my rescue.
He pre-drilled the holes into all of the pieces of wood and then drilled the screws in. Something that should’ve taken me 10 minutes took about 30 

Here comes my favorite part! I love Vaseline Distressing! If you haven’t tried it you should-you will be addicted. It’s so easy and the tattered, crackled look is so vintage! I’ve tried the crackled look before using Elmer’s glue…but this proved to be much easier.
1. Paint all of the corners and places that you want to peek through with your base color of choice. I chose a charcoal acrylic paint.
2. Rub a LIGHT coat of Vaseline over ONLY those painted spots. Basically, the idea is that paint will not stick well onto any area that has Vaseline on it and this is what creates the crackled effect. The Vaseline doesn’t really dry so make sure it’s a light coat or you will have slippery paint chips.
Beautiful fingernails right?

3. Now you’ll want to paint over the entire box with your desired color. I chose white acrylic paint. This will take several coats. You will want to let it dry in between coats. The paint will continue to “crackle” so go back and touch up with paint until you get your desired look. I filled mine in quite a few times to cover more up.

Ahhh!!! Isn’t this to die for!!?? I love how it turned out. I plan on filling it with pumpkins in the Fall, ornaments during the holidays and so forth! Right now I have decorative balls in it.
My next project is to make two more of these and cover them in a dark walnut stain and fill them with fake hydrangeas. There’s an overhead beam in my house begging for them!


    • Luvahunt says

      Hi Christina! Sorry for the late response. I’m pretty sure this is 3 feet long by 6 inches wide.

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