DIY Valentine Burlap Banner

Major fail on taking step by step photos of these projects but I make a lot of these so I’ll be sure to document the next one!
Burlap Banners are one of my favorites! I have them for several holidays and you can get creative and make them for any season, special event or get together!
There are a couple of different methods.
The Triangle Pendant
The Banner Pendant
Below is a Valentine’s Day Triangle Pendant
1. Cut burlap fabric into equal triangles
2. Trace a heart shape with a cookie cutter, paper cut-out, stencil OR free hand (my choice) with pencil.
3. Fill in with White acrylic paint and be sure to do this on top of cardboard or something you won’t mind paint leaking onto.
4. Once it’s dry, attach a long piece of hemp to the back top of the triangles using a hot glue gun.. I tied little knots inbetween my triangles to give it a little something extra. Sometimes I will add ribbons in between but I wanted a clean look.
5. Tie lace, tulle, ribbons or fabric to the ends and hang!

The Banner Pendant Version
1. Cut out burlap in the shape of hanging pendants in equal sizes
2. Stamp, stencil or free style any shape or wording you desire
3. Cut small holes on both ends of each pendant and string hemp through.

Pictured below is my Patriotic Burlap Banner that was featured on KSL Studio 5

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