Living Room Makeover Under $100

When we rented our house last year, we had a second living area. It was going to be our TV room and because it’s next to our playroom, we knew we’d be spending a lot of time there! I was so over the red and black theme I’d had for years but wasn’t in a position to purchase all new decor. Operation makeover began!
I chose to sand and repaint everything that was red. Simple. Cheap..perfect.

 The new colors I wanted were turquoise, brown and cream. Some of our furniture is black too but I didn’t want it TOO matchy matchy so I just went with it and I love the look.

 I was in love with my bathroom curtains so I decided they were the perfect fabric for curtains in my living room. I bought a second set from Target and cut the and broke out the sewing machine. I ended up with 2 darling valances I was actually happy with!


 The last thing I did wasn’t until this summer…a year later I know.  It’s taken me a year to come up with the perfect idea for the wall behind our tv. I played with several ideas and finally settled on a simple accent wall. This was one of those nights I got a wild idea after the hubby was in bed. I was pretty nervous about him waking up and seeing it…but I was confident he would love it! Many of my ideas sound bizarre when I tell him but he usually ends up impressed in the end!

 This was so much easier to tape than it looks. This is what I did.
1. Tape off all around the edges to frame the space.
2. Measure the length and height of the wall
3. Divide by half, mark the wall and tape a long strip there. You will be left with a “cross”
4. Divide both of those sections in half again and tape.

Then I painted each section in a random pattern. I LOVE using Frog Tape instead of the blue painters tape. I never have leaks! I also took the tape off before it was completely done drying…less chance of ripping paint.
As you can see, there is still a piece of tape in this pic because I still had some touching up I wanted to go back and do. But I’m sooo in love with this accent wall!  

 One of the first things I did in this room is my Chevron Frame Board. I have a post on this that you can find here.

 Please excuse the nasty blanket pile in the corner!! I hope I’m not the only one that has a blanket corner haha!

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