Autumn DIY Decor

Oh how Fall is my favorite time of year!! I’m a little late on posting my DIY Fall projects but boy did I have some fun!
In the past, I’ve focused more on Halloween Decor in my home because I love Halloween a little too much…but this year I wanted to pepper in some decor that could last the whole Fall season…Sept to Thanksgiving.

Fall Sign

Everything I did was on a tight budget so I had to get creative. I used a piece of wood we already had in our garage that was left over from some other project. Painted White, Handwrote letters in pencil. Sponged over in paint. And then used very little paint on my sponge to “bleed” some paint throughout the sign to age it a little.

Next up is another Autumn sign. I’ve been seeing the Fall signs floating around and I decided to change it up a bit and make my own version. Get this, I had an old piece of art in my bathroom that I bought at Ross years ago. I’ve been sick of it for a while. So I took that puppy off the wall and painted over it! Voila…another free project. Don’t be afraid to make things over! I think everyone has a lot more potential projects in their home than they even realize. For this, I painted white, handwrote the words in pencil, went over them in different sized paint brushes…and then this was my favorite part. My paint was pretty thick. I didn’t do a Vaseline Distressing on it but I wanted it aged and gnarly…as if it had been sitting outside in a pumpkin patch for years. So I experimented with taking a fork to it. Yep, I used those prongs to scrape this baby up. I turned the fork on it’s side a few times to get thicker scuffs. I LOOOVE how it turned out!

Fall Rag Wreath
I love to make rag wreaths and rag garland. For 2 reasons…they’re easy & they’re cute!
For this one I didn’t take any pics but it’s easy enough to explain and I will feature another with detailed steps.
1. Buy a round styrofoam wreath
2. Pick out 3 or 4 different fabrics and cut 1 yard of each
3. Cut all of your fabric into strips
4. Begin tying them around the wreath, being sure to fill in gaps until you’re done!
It’s that simple.
I added a little burlap hanging to the top and I added a burlap bunting as well. I’ve shared that tutorial in my Burlap Valentine Wreath post but it’s pretty basic. Cut triangles, paint your letters, and use a glue gun to attach to a hemp string. Tie. Easy peasy.
PS…burlap makes EVERYTHING darling.
Also added another easy burlap bunting. For this one I just used a sponge brush since most of the letters had square angles anyway. Quick and easy but a darling result.

Last, this is how my Fall shelf came together. I added a rag garland because I just can’t help myself with ragging my whole house! It’s just too fun! I also wrapped some burlap around some $1 Pumpkin Spice Candles.


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