DIY Harem Pants

Have you seen the new(ish) fad in baby leggings? They’re called Harem Pants and I think they are adorable!! I’ve been drooling over them in a cute Etsy shop I found called CarlyMeganShop. You can also find her shop on Instagram. With 3 toddlers at home I wanted to take a shot at making them so I could save a little money.  After searching EVERYWHERE for a pattern or tutorial, I discovered one obstacle. These pants have several different names. I’ve found them under harem pants, hammer pants, balloon pants, Indian pants, Aladdin pants…you name it!

I wish I could share the exact tutorial with you, but I ended up buying a pattern for them and I’m pretty sure it would be illegal to share it, sorry friends. So, I’ll briefly explain what I did and share the link to get the pattern from a shop on Etsy! It’s a really affordable pattern and definitely worth the money. For those of you that are into sewing, there are SO many great and affordable patterns on Etsy and the best part is that they are PDF files so you can save them to your computer and reprint them each time you want to make them again in bigger sizes!

You’ll want to make sure you order some stretchy knit fabric. I have a hard time finding trendy patterns in the store so I ordered this Chevron fabric on as well.

I did one into run issue with this pattern. My girls are in a size 2T-3T. I made the 2T size and found that the waist was way too big but the calves were a little more snug than I wanted. I made my peace with the tight calves but found an easy fix for the waist. I just folded the waist in an inch on both sides of the waist and sewed. Pleat style. The best part about these pants is that it’s big and baggy in the front so my fix honestly looked intentional and they look even cuter!!

Heres the link to the pattern.


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