DIY Burlap Ornaments

You are going to love these DIY Burlap Ornaments!

As I mentioned in my last post…I am having a Burlap Christmas. I have a lot of projects I’m in love with and I want to create a few more. A quick and easy one that I will be featuring on KSL’s Studio 5 this week (will share link), is a burlap ornament. So quick and easy!

Step 1: Cut a 6 inch wide strand of burlap a few yards long. It really just depends on how many you want to make. One ornament takes six 6×6 squares.

Step 2: Cut into 4-6 squares. Mine were 6×6. I ended up liking 6 squares a lot more.

Step 3: Secure your thread to one end by doing a cross stitch. Then start threading the squares with your needle and thread, adding more squares and just scrunching them down to form a ball.

Step 4: When you are finished, do another cross stitch to hold it tight in place

 Step 5: Tie a loop in the end of your string for hanging.

You can leave the ornament fluffy or you can take scissors to cut the pieces into little strips. I like that look better…it looks more full. You can also mix it up with white and brown squares. I will share another post when I complete those for our tree!

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