DIY Silhouettes

DIY Silhouette Art

My bathroom/laundry room needed an update/makeover. I chose these random colors to pair and I love them! Coral, Navy, Mint, Gray, Mustard and White. I made a Triangle Shower Curtain that you can find HERE!! But I had a hard time coming up with something for my walls. I toyed with the idea of shelving on the sides of the window…and then I remembered how badly I wanted silhouettes of our children but had no clue where to hang them. This was a perfect way to personalize our bathroom. After all, this is the bathroom they use.
This is one of those moments that I feel a professional photographer would capture the beauty of this project SO much better than my little adolescent hands.
This has been added to one of my FAVORITE projects. I have to admit that it’s because it involves my children. It’s a keepsake I’ll never get rid of. It was a way to freeze my littles in time forever. One of those projects that is going to bring many tears and memories to my eyes one day.

We’ve all seen the black and white silhouettes floating around the internet. Most of them are custom orders from shops. However, it’s INCREDIBLY easy to create your own. I decided to personalize ours to the bathroom colors and give them each a different color from our bathroom.
And can I just add that your kids will add this to your “cool factor”?? My kids loved that I did this and they STILL walk in the bathroom, point at pics and tell me who is who with the most adorable pride.
It’s quite simple…
Step 1: Take a side photo of your child. Haha…yeah…I’m gonna pretend this was SUPER easy with my 3 toddlers. Make sure the proportion of their head in the photo is as big as possible. Also make sure it’s consistent with your other children. You don’t want them all turning out different sizes.
Step 2: Print in Full Page (b/w to save ink). Cut very carefully around your child’s silhouette.
Step 3: Tape the photo to your board and trace lightly with pencil. I purchased a square board from Lowe’s for about $8 and had them cut it into 4 equal squares.

Step 4: Start painting with a fine tip foam brush, paint brush or Q-Tip around the pencil line to make sure your lines are perfect. Then start filling in the outer parts with a thicker foam or paint brush.

 Step 5: Use the same method from Step 4 to paint white up against the line and then fill in the rest with white paint.

I am crazy in love with the way they turned out!!! Obviously I matched them to the Triangle Shower Curtain I made. I have a few more things to add to the bathroom/window before the bathroom makeover is complete but I am so pleased with how it has all turned out!!


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    Hey Jess, do you think it’d work to paint the board white first, then trace the photo, then paint the outside color? Just wondering…my hands aren’t super steady so I’m afraid I’d screw it up if I had to match 2 colors up to each other that well…Lisa Nay

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