DIY Tufted Burlap Headboard

Today I’m excited to share my Tufted Burlap Headboard! I have been wanting a tufted headboard for so long. To be honest, I’ve been wanting a tufted “anything” for a while. I have my eye on a gorgeous white tufted couch that definitely isn’t gonna happen until my 3 toddlers stop destroying my home. But one can dream.

Here are a couple headboards I was drooling over..
And here’s that couch I was gushing about…oh, it’s love at first sight…

Burlap,  you say??  The hubby and I have been messing around with about 5 different DIY headboard ideas for a couple of years now. We were close to pulling several off. We even settled on a full wall treatment we liked. But lately, time & money is more of an issue with the holidays coming up. We all know how affordable and versatile and TIMELESS burlap is. So I decided to give it a shot!

There are a few tufting projects I’ve wanted to tackle but I’m too lazy for the most common techniques I’ve seen. All that measuring and drilling and sewing and…ugh…I was lost after drilling. So I decided to do the “lazy version”. Here we go…
We’ve been working on a custom Barbie house for the triplets and we had quite a bit of wood leftover. This piece of partical board was perfect. It was already pretty close to the size I wanted and it saved me a trip to the store. Not to mention a little money. I just had Erik cut a tiny bit off the edge to make it 65 inches long. The final dimensions are 36 x 65.
 The process was really quite easy.
I bought one bag of King Size batting. It was about $25 but I had a 50% off coupon at Joanns. I highly recommend only buying batting when you have a great coupon!
I also purchased 2 yards of ivory burlap for $2.79/yard.
First, I started layering the batting down by cutting about a foot longer than the board for each layer to make sure I had enough to wrap around the back. As you can see from the pic, I just laid the board on top of the batting, wrapped it and stapled the backside.

Next, I ironed my burlap on the wool setting to get as many wrinkles out as I could. Then I unfolded it, laid it out and put the board on top. (see above)

Then I pulled as tight as possible to wrap the burlap around the board and staple to the back. At the corners I just pulled tightly and wrapped like a present before stapling.

Here comes the “Lazy Technique” for my tufting.

Instead of drilling holes in the back of the board and pulling thread through them to sew buttons on tight, I chose to use the heavy duty stapler. I chose my spacing and pushed down as hard as possible with the stapler to get it nice and tight. That’s what creates the tufting. I wanted a diamond tufting pattern but the square pattern is just as fabulous!
This was about halfway through. I noticed my spacing was a little off on the far left, but it wasn’t too hard to remove a staple.

Like what I’m watching? I have been sooo addicted to Hart of Dixie lately. Late night crafting and my guilty pleasure shows are something I look forward to a little too much!! Oh “Zade”…have mercy.

Ok last part, the buttons. Even though I didn’t use the traditional tufting method, the buttons complete the look, right? So I had to figure something out. There are a few ways you can do this.
A. You can buy a package of buttons that allow you to add a cover to them & you can snap in the burlap.
B. You can cut circles out of cardboard and glue the burlap around them.
C. You can use buttons you may already have around the house (like I did), cut 2 layers of burlap in a circle shape and tightly wrap it around. Then glue in place. This part was a little tricky. It’s hard to not burn yourself. I would hold the button wrapped tightly, add a dollup of glue to the hole on the board and then quickly push the button in and hold in place for about 20-30 seconds. The tricky part is the edges may want to come undone once you let go and you burn yourself a little trying to tuck them back under and wipe off any excess glue. I wish I had a great secret for you all but I don’t! Beauty is pain I guess. If you have a great tip to not burn yourself with glue guns please share!! I am always falling victim!!

I mentioned above that I only bought 2 yards of burlap. I actually already had about 1/4 yard at home from a previous project and that’s what I used for my buttons. I would have them cut a second piece for this part.

If anything above sounded confusing, here is a picture of the button glued, just before I wrapped the burlap around. I chose to do 2 layers of burlap so that the orange color wouldn’t show through.

This is what it looks like completed…
**At this point, I would highly suggest spraying the headboard with Spray Starch. If you want it to last a while and protect it from fraying or friction messing it up, the spray starch will stiffen it! It’s a great tool for all of your burlap projects!**

I forgot to snag a pic of the next part, but I had the hubby cut a 2×4 into two pieces and screw them into the back so it could stand up. I had the headboard set 20 inches off the floor and then we just shoved the bed up against the 2x4s and it stays in place nicely!

So what do ya think??? Here’s the $300 version… (square tufting)
 And here’s our under $40 version! (diamond tufting) I’m pretty proud of it. Simple, affordable elegance!
The entire project took about an hour. Putting the headboard together was only about 20 minutes. It was the 17 buttons that took a little while.

Last, in case you’re interested in this headboard style but don’t see yourself doing the work (even though it’s under an hour) or see yourself needing to save the money (over $100 in savings)…I did find a darling and affordable micro-suede tufted headboard on sale on for $160. Here’s the link:


  1. says

    I love this!!! I have been looking for a headboard for my daughters room and I think something like this would look so pretty.. Great tutorial! And I also love your bedroom colors =]

  2. Cassie Park says

    Iove this idea! I’m doing this myself. I’ve never bought batting and I purchased quilt batting. Is that the correct batting? I hope you can respond soon! Thank you!

    • Luvahunt says

      Hi Cassie! I’m sorry for the late response! I’m still getting use to this new WordPress site. You can always email me at with questions too! But I did get quilted batting. It lays out flat like a sheet. I hope that helps!


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