2 x 4 Wood Christmas Tree

I LOOOOVE me some wood projects! My hot piece of husband has taken up a lot of carpentry projects in the last year. I pretty much crack the whip and he abides. How awful is that? Yes, I totally swoon over wood projects online, bat my eyes at my main saw holder and POOF!! Have I mentioned that I’m a lucky lucky gal??
I wanted several of these EASY 2×4 trees for our yard…but we had sooo many projects for Christmas that we only got one done. It was simple. I don’t have a tutorial because I literally told the man what I had inĀ mind and itĀ happened.
He basically took a couple of 2×4′s, and starting from the top, cut them a couple inches longer each row.
Then I painted and glazed it with some black paint. I love how it turned out and we ended up displaying it just outside our front door.
Next year, we will make a really small one and turn it into an Advent Calender. Way excited!

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