Christmas Dresses

 One beautiful blessing that has come from having triplets is that I have gained so many talents that I didn’t know I had. Talent is a funny word…because to me it’s just a learned skill, really. I wouldn’t say that I’m “talented” but after all the hard work and effort put into it, I like to chalk it up under the talent column.
Making dresses for my girls is one thing I adore. This was my first year attempting to sew Christmas dresses for them in an attempt to save some money. Dresses can get expensive…especially for 3 girls. But I’ve found some WONDERFUL patterns on and I was looking forward to making these WARM winter, Christmas dresses. I chose fleece…and I chose gray so that they could be paired after Christmas with several different colors. They were one of the EASIEST sewing projects I have taken on for the girls.
Fleece is SOOO easy to work with!!!


  1. Christine says

    Hi Jess,
    I want to make these for my daughter and was wondering where the pattern is? It seems simple enough to deconstruct myself, but a pattern would be a huge timesaver. Thanks in advance!

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