DIY Glitter Wine Glasses

 This Christmas was full of homemade DIY gift giving. And I have to admit, as you may have read on my Instagram..I learned so much from our “homemade” Christmas. Not only was it special because it had a tender and personal touch, but I gained a personal and spiritual insight from  the experience. I really felt connected to those days of old when parents would make all of their childrens gifts by hand. Giving it that loving touch. That sentimental reverance. It meant so much to me. It’s something we want to keep going in our family. It felt completely different from the hustle of shopping in the stores for gifts. Don’t get me wrong, we still did our fair share of that. But, being able to come up with ideas for specific individuals, set aside the time and talents necessary…it just felt like …REAL gift giving. I cherished it.
I decided to make some Glitter Wine (or Sparkling Cider) glasses. They sell them at the Dollar Store so that was a bonus for Savvy little me.
These are also PERFECT for New Years Eve Glasses!
Here are the steps.
After applying some Frog Tape, I painted on some Mod Podge.
 Then I covered immediately in thick glitter.
 I let them dry for 24 hours
 Then I lightly went over the glasses with a paint brush to remove any loose glitter.
 Then I covered in one more coat of Mod Podge to “seal” the glitter down.
 Here’s a cute shot of the finished glass
I don’t want to take my chances with putting it through the dishwasher. So I would go ahead and advice to HAND WASH the inside! I love the finished product!
We used these as Christmas Gifts as well as New Years Eve Sparkling Cider glasses!

Wouldn’t it be fun to try this out with PINK or RED glitter for a Romantic Valentine Dinner? Oh I think so…

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