DIY Christmas Tree Cones

If you’re expecting a tutorial on these, I apologize! Unfortunately, most of these DIY Christmas Tree cones were made in my crafting years past before I started documenting my DIY projects. But I took the time to whip up the pic below to show you what I did. These are pretty simple…ok REALLY simple. You can find tutorials all over Pinterest!

My Tip:
Styrofoam cones can get pricey. You can spend a little more money by purchasing styrofoam cones from the craft store OR you can use some cardstock paper, tape about 4 together to make it nice and big, twist those into a cone shape and tape!! This saves so much money and several of these trees are made from this!
Another tip is to save a few cereal boxes, tape them together and do the same!
Honestly, I think next year I want ALL of my trees to be yarn. We’ll see!

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