DIY Deer Silhouette

Are you freaking out about all the DARLING Faux Deer Heads floating around the net and Instagram?? Well I am. Deers are IN, baby! Especially during the holidays when it can be tied in with those beloved Reindeer!! I decided to attempt my own version. Easy style.
I literally did a Google Image search for a Deer Head Template.
I apologize for the tacky iPhone screen shot, but I thought it would be fun to show you just how simple I made this. I sent the below image from my phone to my printer.
Notice the time haha! I told you I only craft at night when the littles are knocked out.
I cut the template out, taped to a piece of wood (another scrap left over from hubby’s projects)
Then I followed the same steps as I did in my DIY Silhouette Tutorial. Which you can see by clicking HERE.
I LIGHTLY traced the template…

…and then filled in with careful paint strokes.

 The end!
Your turn…

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