DIY Dollar Store Christmas Wreaths

These DIY Dollar Store Christmas Wreaths are a super easy, budget friendly project that anyone can tackle!!

Christmas Wreaths are simple but can make a HUGE statement when placed all over your home, espeically in big numbers!
They can also be pricey. But don’t worry…I found a way around that as usual!
I found some simple wreaths at Dollar Tree and let me tell you…they were VERY thin. So I decided to grab a BUNCH, hey they’re only a buck right? I may have cleaned them out.
It’s simple…I took 2 dollar wreaths, tied them together by twisting some of the “branches” together at several different points on the wreath and viola!! They are now thick and full!
I used some red burlap to make some easy bows with a glue gun. I hung them in several places throughout our home and hung them outside on our house lights. How much do you love the dollar store???!!! AHHH.

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