DIY NOEL Letters

DIY NOEL Letters

I had so much fun experimenting with this simple little ditty. I’ve always wanted to create something BIG with letters on my shelf. I decided to go with NOEL and use one of my DIY Dollar Store Wreaths in place of the “O”.

I picked up these paper mache letters during a 60% off sale at Joanns so I think the total was around $9
I tried some glitter spray first and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. So I went for another aproach.
The Elmers Glue Crackle Technique!
Basically, I covered the letters in a gold. This would be my base color that will peek through.
Next, I spread some Elmers Glue around very quickly.
Before the glue has a chance to dry (VERY IMPORTANT THAT IT’S STILL WET!), I covered with the an ivory craft paint.

Because I’m super impatient, I usually use a hair dryer to dry my paint. As the paint dries, you will see it start to crackle. (right before your eyes in my case)

I love the way the crackle effect turned out! It definitely gave a lot of character to my letters! Fancy Schmancy!

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