Oh Christmas Everywhere!

Oh that magical magical day that you put up your Christmas Tree…and you let the littles decorate the BACKSIDE, Monica style (From Friends).
Oh yes, that’s how we do it in the Hunt House. Originally, I was stunned to find out that my husband actually LIKED decorating the tree. That was a new one for me. Because I’m such a nutjob and uber decor oriented designer…I had to make a compromise. Don’t get me wrong, I love involving my children in this. It’s a timeless tradition that I treasure. HOWEVER, I have always embraced the idea of having two trees. One with rickety old fashioned, mix-matched sentimental ornaments…and one that is elegant, magazine worthy and MAGICAL. So until we have room for 2 trees, the kids and hubby have at it with the backside of  the tree and mama takes charge over the front. The kids help me with the front (with supervision) but the back (toward the window) is where I let them just go crazy. It works for us.

As pictured above, I decided to add some DIY Chalk Ornaments. I just used some pre packaged crafted wood from Joanns, painted over it with Walmart Chalkpaint that I had on hand and then wrote a few different words: Love, Joy, Savior, Merry and Give.
I haven’t featured much of my family and personal life on this blog yet, but I thought it would be fun to see who I am and what is of upmost importance to me.
One of our Christmas Traditions is going with Gma & Gpa Hunt to Idaho to hunt for Christmas trees. We have a blast every time. Even though our tree is NOW a fake one, we still help them find their tree. One day we will have one of each. We make a yummy lunch and then we stop at Lava Hot Springs to play in the hot pots!

This is what we did for our decor in the family room downstairs. I wanted to keep everything pretty neutral so I used our outdoor prelit trees and added some of my DIY Burlap Ornaments and decor balls.

I posted about my NOEL letters here.

I posted about my DIY Cone Trees HERE. This was a quick idea for above our kitchen cabinets!

And of course…the reason for the season. I absolutely adore this black & white Nativity print of our Savior. I have a few Nativity sets that we display in our home but I wasn’t able to get any great pics of  them. But still…this is absolutely my favorite.

I had to include my hubby’s outdoor Christmas lights. It’s his one Christmas decoration that belongs all to him. I am SO proud to have our home lit during this beautiful season!

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