DIY Spoon Mirror

I’ve seen these fabulous Spoon Mirrors cruising all over the net and I decided it was the perfect project for my Laundry Bathroom. I’m still in the process of finishing the room makeover and this was one thing holding me up. What to put above the toilet?!!
I decided, since my husband is such a gosh dern good looker…that he needs to check himself out when nature calls. Gross? No…just functional :)
I begged my sister to come over and dive in with me. She’s use to that. You don’t come hang out with me without getting sucked into some sort of project. So you learn to embrace it. And we had a blast because this is the perfect beginner project!
She kept asking me where the tutorial was…or how to find out if we’re doing it right. Hahahaha….oh sis…we don’t need a stinkin tutorial!! It’s as simple as it looks. A bunch of spoons with their heads chopped off…a giant cardboard…well, how about we break it down for you here.
Supplies Needed:
1 mirror in desired size (Joanns Craft Store)
300 plastic spoons (Walmart)
Very large cardboard
Spray paint
Glue gun & sticks
Step 1: Cut the heads off of 300 spoons (we had to make a store run halfway through so I would highly suggest at LEAST 300)

Step 2: Purchase a very big piece of cardboard. I have a lot laying around my house but most have a split in them for folding. This big size was only $3 at Joanns so we grabbed it.

Step 3. Trace your mirror onto your cardboard, decide how big you want your fram around it and eyeball or measure a bigger circle around and cut that out.

Step 4. Start gluing! It’s best to always stay head-on with the spoon you are glueing down so that you don’t start gluing them down at an angle. You want them all to stick straight out. Continue, overlapping placement on your next row if you want…until you reach just about the size of your mirror. We would place our mirror down to determine how many more rows we needed.

Step 5. Spray paint. I did about 3 layers of this Navy Blue Make sure you spray from the underside as well.

Step 6. I added an easy hanger with hemp, felt and a glue gun!


 And here it hangs ever so nicely…above the toilet. I like it, I just do. So many color possibilities with these folks!


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