My Maskcara Makeup Review!

I have died and gone to Beauty Heaven!! I never imagined the pic above would happen but it did. I can be a little silly with my local Utah Blogger role models (according to the husband), but I mean come on, Cara Brooks? She’s kind of a big deal. If you don’t know who she is, she is an INSPIRING local beauty blogger (recently left Utah for Vegas). She is a wife and mother (with an incredible past story of strength and faith) who has spent years making tutorials on beauty and fashion to help women discover and show off their beauty. She was named Allure’s Beauty Blogger of The Year and on top of having MANY brag-worthy experiences like a VIP invite to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, her adventures and success have helped her launch her own make up product line based around her famous contouring techniques that are all over Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.

Is it weird to blog about someone I don’t know? Perhaps. But since I spent a couple of hours in her vicinity and gabbed and laughed together, I’ll just pretend we are BFFs in my fantasy world.

My darling Blogger friends Natalie (with The Creative Mom) and cute Kami (with Sweet Charli) hustled over to a get together Cara was having at her sister’s store nearby. She was answering questions, touching up makeup for anyone who asked, giving make up advice and had some fun make overs and giveaways. Sweet sweet girl. I was able to snag her coveted IIID Contouring Foundation in Medium (which has been sold out online) and thought I would take a few pics and even make a dorky video just for fun.

Here it is. And I have to be honest. As a SAHM you would THINK I have all the time in the world to sit down, do my hair and make-up and look picture perfect every day. News Flash, me and the triplets are lucky to make it out of our pajamas by dinnertime some days. That’s just my reality. And I don’t hate it. But Cara recently posted a video on Instagram of how she was able to use the basics of this foundation in the car…in 3 minutes. THAT is why I love this contouring. I can slap it on really fast and FEEL beautiful. Beautiful for all my littles, beautiful to my hard-working husband when he walks in that door. So thank you Cara…for making my life just a little bit easier!
This isn’t super fancy. Originally I made this video for my best friend Kadee but I decided I should be brave and post it…eeek!!! Cara is ALWAYS posting videos and pics completely bare without make- up and is proud of it. I could take a lesson in humility from her. So here’s a make up free(ish) Jess!
 And here are my Before & After photos

You can view all of her amazing Makeup tutorials on YouTube HERE.
And be sure to check out her Blog. It won Beauty Blogger of the Year for a reason!
You can try out the Contouring Foundations in her shop HERE.


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    You look gorgeous! Is this product meant to be used as a foundation? If so, is the overage really good? I have horrible skin and can’t live without my foundation.

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