No-Sew DIY Valentine Top

Read on for an easy tutorial for this DIY Valentine Top!

Every year for Valentine’s Day, the hubby and I skip the gift giving and opt for an over the top date or activity. We usually go out of town for an overnighter. Usually Park City. So I try to get a cute pink or red outfit for our date. After all, it’s fun and girly to get all dolled up for Valentine’s Day! Ya gotta be a hot mama, right?

This year I wanted something that would last longer. I wanted something more neutral. So I decided to add a black heart to a tee I loved and keep it a color that doesn’t SCREAM Valentine’s Day long after it’s over.
I had this tee I LOVE from Lime Lush Boutique.
One of my favorite boutiques! It has the thumb holes…always my favorite! You can find this top on sale right now for $19 HERE. Or you can find any similar top or use one you already have like I did.
I used a styrofoam heart I had (for a wreath I’m making) to trace my shape onto black felt with white chalk.
 Then I folded it in half before cutting, just to make sure both sides were a perfect match.
 I slid some cardboard in between the shirt to protect the backside.
 Then, like the lazy mama I am…I chose to use my glue gun instead of sewing it or using an iron on transfer paper (which I didn’t have). But it worked great. Just make sure to pay close attention to your placement because once you lay it down, it’s down for good!
I think it’s fabulous! I feel fancy and I didn’t even have to spend a lot for those darling heart sweaters I keep seeing!

The best part is that my 2 yr old triplet girls are wearing these darling red tunics with a fuzzy white heart in the middle just like mine, so we’ll match! I think I’m going to pair it with pink or red skinny jeans. Can’t wait!


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