Superbowl Loopy Bow Tutorial

Everyone’s getting ready for Superbowl 2014 and in THIS house…THIS girl is cruising on a cloud because she’s been waiting for this for 9 years. Yes, I have been a devout Seattle Seahawks Fan since the late 90′s and when we went to the Superbowl in 2005 it was a dream…and I literally cried when we lost. Actual tears folks. What a weirdo.
I’m so proud of the team and how long and hard they’ve had to work to get back here again. And as a good little crazed mom would do, I dress my kids up to spread the 12th Man pride in our home. Kayson was brought home from the hospital in a Seahawks blanket and even though he’s been torn back and forth between my team and his dad’s team (49ers) it feels good to have him on my side this year…especially after that ugly NFC game!
I wanted to take advantage of it and dress our triplets up in some fun, EASY & CHEAP gear for the game. I bought $3 white shirts at Walmart to paint, $3.88 LIME GREEN leggings at Walmart, made NAVY BLUE tulle tutus and some fun Loopy Bows!
I decided to make a quick little video of my Loopy Bows since they are SO fun and easy. I featured them on my KSL Studio 5 Segment for the 4th of July HERE, but this is a more in depth and close-up tutorial. I also make mini bow clips for my girls pigtails, so don’t be afraid to mess around with the sizes to fit what you want! Once you get the hang of it the possibilities are endless!
Unfortunately, I was running low on space when I made this so MAJOR apologies for splitting it up into 2 quick videos. Hopefully it’s not too annoying. And I’m pretty proud of myself for sucking it up and making a Broncos bow when I am NOT a fan. Quite the opposite actually. Props to me…now somebody take it off my hands! No really.
Have fun & happy bow making!

Sooo yeah, the second video cut out too. Luckily I was done. I hope you get the idea and can forgive me for my rookie iPhone quality! I’m still new at tutorials. I’ve been making them with my best friend for years but we only make them for each other so whatever goes.
 I’ll make a fun post giving a little more detail on the outfits I made but here’s a shot below in the middle of the process. I added flowers to the Faux Necklaces & the tutu’s aren’t in the photo also. I had my friend Heidi come over and make these with me and she added this cool 12th Man top for her son!

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