Valentine Cuppy Cakes

Need an easy idea for Valentine treats? Coming from a mom juggling toddler triplets, I can tell you this was too simple for me.
One might argue that I own a baking business and I have a history with cupcakes and fancy cakes so I have an advantage. But I mean it…anyone can pull off cupcakes…anyone!
I made them from a box (EEEK!). Lemon flavored cake. I made my homemade buttercream recipe (which I need to share soon!) and added 1/3 cup Raspberry Jam to it, and a dab of food coloring. To make it even more sinful, I love to scoop a hole out of the middle of my cupcakes and snuck some frosting in there too. Mmmm. I love when it squishes out the middle of a bite!
I through them in cute polka dot cups, sprinkled some Valentine sprinkles I had, and cut some pink striped straws in half. Aren’t you just in love?
These ladies are. Don’t you go cross-eyed when eating cupcakes too?

I had to throw in a few pics from the girls on Valentine’s Day last year. When I was sifting through all these photos I couldn’t believe how little and HAIRLESS they were!! Someone bring me back my Valentines!

Oh Hallie, the things I have to do to coax you into smiling. Apparently an egg carton in this photo! Little adorable weirdo.

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