DIY Felt Valentine Envelopes

Have you seen the darling Valentine Envelopes at Pottery Barn? Good grief they are full of cuteness! I decided I could easily pull something like that off. Plus, I love doing little countdowns and gifts for my kids for the holidays. Easy stuff…but fun and memorable.
This is how I made mine.

I folded my felt until I had the size I wanted and I cut it.

You can see here how I folded it down and decided my length. You want the top to fold down a little more than halfway.

Next, lift the flat open and fold the envelope in half sideways like below
Then, you will take that top flap and cut diagonally
Unfold and you will see that you have created a flap!
This is what it will look like folded down You can iron here if you want.
Next, I took some red yarn and threaded through the sides, then down the flap (make sure to thread while it’s open or you will sew the envelope shut)
This is how it will look when finished. It’s much quicker than it looks. If you thread several stitches at a time it will go by faster. Maybe just a couple minutes.
Then, I cut some felt hearts and hot glued them to the flap
Again, make sure you do this with the flap open so you don’t glue it shut

Then, I added some cute straps with hot glue on the backside

And after adding some initials and stitching in the hearts, they are ready to tie on and fill with sweet love notes for your littles!

 I chose to put mine out the week of Valentine’s Day. This way, the kids have 4-5 days of fun Valentines to open. Here are some ideas I am using to fill them.
Day 1: Love notes with Confetti Hearts
Day 2: Hershey Kisses with Candy Stickers on the bottom (Free Printables HERE by Anna and Blue Paperie or HERE)
Day 3: Handmade Heart Candy Bracelets (as seen HERE on
Day 4: Sweetheart Buddies Mix (HERE)with a cute printable tag (HERE)
Stay tuned to see our cute Valentine gifts we are making for them (super cute and easy!)

And here is another DARLING Free Valentine Printable package from Anna and Blue Paperie that you can get creative with!

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