Dollar Store Candy Jars & Valentine Mantle

I love fancy candy jars. I’ve invested in a few apothecary jars over the years and something tragic always happens to them. Cracks here and there or complete catastrophic 6 foot falls off of a shelf because I grab for things like a blind woman.
But as I was browsing through the local Dollar Tree store, I saw some glass candlesticks and glass cylinder vases. I knew they needed to join. So I took my 2 candlesticks & 2 vases and it was a happy little $4 purchase.
I didn’t know what glue to use so I grabbed what we had and asked the husband if he thought it would hold. He had no clue. So of course I went for it. I like to live on the edge. Luckily, it worked.

Here’s what they looked like before:

And this is after:

The pointers I would give is to make sure that when you are setting the top vase on top of your glue that you are looking straight down so you can make sure it’s centered. You can also flip them upside down if you want and put the candlestick on top of the glass but it seemed more steady this way. To make sure it sets well, I placed a heavy book on top of the vase after.
It only took a few hours to completely dry.
I thought of doing a Mod Podge glitter to the bottom half like in my Glitter Wine Glass tutorial HERE. But decided to leave it put for now. It’s only $2 a jar so maybe another time!
So, with an affordable project like this, you can decorate your holidays and parties or whatever suits you without having to spend a fortune on Apothecary jars. I know, I know…they aren’t as fancy and don’t have darling lids…but they WORK and if they are cheap, I don’t mind if they accidentally get broken.You can really have fun with this and get different shapes and sizes of glass jars, bowls and vases so a variety would be really fun to look at!

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