DIY Gold Polka Dot Leggings


Gold is still all the rage right now. Christmas is over but we all can’t seem to get enough of this glittery goodness! I’ve seen some cute Glitter Gold Polka Dot leggings in some boutiques and unfortunately at $34 a pair I couldn’t see myself spending three times that for my triplets. But I love a good Refashion and Walmart happens to have SUPER cheap leggings in multiple colors for $3.88!!!

Here’s what you need for this super affordable cuteness:

Pair of white leggings ($3.88 at Walmart!!)
Martha Stewart Gold Metallic Paint
Round sponge brush.
You’ll want to make sure you cut out some cardboard or something to slip in between the pants so the paint won’t bleed through. That would be a crying shame.
Then, you can be lazy like me and eyeball it, or use a ruler to space out your polka dots. I just painted 2 dots on one row and then put one in the middle…then repeated all the way up. On the opposite side, I started out with the 1 dot and then followed my next row with 2. This way the pattern matches up better with the back. It won’t be perfect but it doesn’t matter…they’ll still look good as long as they are a little spaced apart.
To speed up the process, I use a hair dryer. Make sure the front is completely dry before flipping over to the back.
I don’t know about you, but I love feeling like I can still keep my little ones fashionable on a dime. It’s so empowering to know that with a little time and creativity, we can offer our children so much more and also give ourselves some much needed mama time. Even if it’s silly leggings, I feel such a sense of pride knowing that I’m able to make things on my own for them. They are after all, mine…they’re what I’m here for. I’m so grateful they are still at an age where they jump up and down when they see something I have made for them. I know that will fade one day but it’s the kind of thing I live for right now. In the midst of all of our struggles right now, those are the things that make me smile.


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