DIY Split Pea Crafts for Spring

This year, I created a Rustic White & Green look for Spring. I wanted something that would bring that fresh vibe into our home and allow a smooth way to transition from St Patricks Day to Easter.
I went with natural looking elements that I can add St Patrick’s Day items to and some cute Easter Eggs to later without changing too much or clashing too much with the rest of our home. I absolutely love what I came up with!
Here’s a fun trick! Have you played around with Split Green Peas? Yes people, food! It doesn’t get more natural than vegetables! You can find them for around $1 at the grocery store in a bag. There are so many fun decorating possibilities. Just keep in mind that after a few weeks the green will start to fade. So if you’re making a permanent craft item, you will want to seal it with Mod Podge to help the vibrant colors last.
I chose to purchase a bag of six 3 inch styrofoam balls for under $5. I covered the ball in hot glue, doing small sections at a time so the glue won’t dry too fast.
You’ll want to push the peas down in place nice and tight with your fingers to fill in the gaps.

 I did one half at a time, allowing the peas to settle. Once this was done, I covered the balls with a thick layer of Mod Podge to both seal the peas in place & help preserve the color of the peas. I would do one half at a time and even used my Hair Dryer to speed up the process a little.
Here’s how they turned out! How much does this make you crave Spring??!!!
I also wanted to use them to make some fun letters for St Patricks Day.
I picked up some cheap wood letters from the craft store and using pretty much the same process, I hot glued in sections and dipped in a pile of peas.

This is where your littles can help out. My girls had fun adding more peas to my pile so I could dip!

Again, you’ll want to use your fingers to slide the peas into place and fill in the gaps.

 Here’s how they turned out!


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