DIY St Patricks Day Gold

The Leprechaun doesn’t do as many shenanigans as he use to…silly tricks, footprints, etc. He usually just dyes our food green & leaves a small treasure! Don’t get me wrong, as parents we love every chance we get to celebrate holidays in our home. Some are small and silly but they provide us an opportunity to do something exciting, put smiles on the little’s faces and teach them something new! It’s a fun way to have fun and break up the every day routine.
This year, I came up with this idea last minute. It’s so simple and you may already have the items around the house like I did! Here’s what you’ll need:
Terracotta pot
Gold Spray paint
Various acrylic paint colors
Gold wrapped candy (Rolo’ or Treasures)
It’s as simple as it looks. I painted the pot black and sprayed the rocks gold. Then I filled the bottom of the pot with Skittles and gold Rolos. I put the “real gold” on the top!
For the rainbow (optional), I painted popsicle sticks and then hot glued them together by laying a popsicle stick across them in the back.
There you have it! A fun treasure that you can even reuse each year!
I hope your St Patricks Day brought you lots of good luck!
Just for fun, this is what the Leprechaun did last year!


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