Faux Hydrangea Balls & Spring Mantle

I’m so excited to share this tutorial I came up with!
I wanted to design a Spring Look that was fresh, bright and a little bit rustic. To me, nothing says “Spring” more than white hydrangeas. However, they aren’t too cheap when you want to buy a lot of them. They are about $4-$8 a piece. I didn’t want to give up so I came up with a way to make them myself. A “DIY FAUX” version if you will!

What you will Need:
4 yards of cheap white cotton
6 3-inch styrofoam balls
hot glue gun

The first step is to cut all of your fabric into 4×4 squares. Obviously easier with a rotary cutter and cutting through more than one layer at a time.

Then you’ll want to fold your squares TWICE into a smaller square and cut around the UNFOLDED edges to create a “cone” shape. When you unfold this, you will have a circle…semi perfect at least. You might have to play with it but for this project they don’t have to be perfect. It’s just my trick to cutting a LOT of circles faster. This takes quite a bit of time but it was worth it!

Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to hot glue in between the folds so that your “ruffle cone” will stay together. I did these steps one at a time. Cut ALL fabric, Glued ALL fabric…then once everything was made I added to the ball. It went smoother this way.

So next, all you have to do is hot glue these in place randomly all over the ball. You will cover more of the ball and make a more realistic flower if you push down on the fabric’s outer edges and glue them down flat. You can see below that by gluing different parts down it opens up more. Continue until the ball is covered.

You can leave them like this, turn them into a wreath or string them into a garland!
This is what I did to string it. I stuck a kabob skewer through the middle to create a hole and then I strung my hemp through with a floral wire.

This is the finished garland!
I was so grateful to be asked again to share my fun Spring Ideas on KSL’s Studio 5 with Brooke Walker. You can watch the segment online and see a run down of the tutorial by clicking


Thanks for stopping by and Happy Spring!


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