A Frozen Birthday Party!

If you didn’t already know, I love party planning. I use to do this for a living but now I only do cakes for clients. So naturally, I look forward to planning parties for my kids…probably a little too much! I live for it!
This year, I had a girly monster theme planned for about 8 months and literally 4 weeks before the triplet’s birthday, spawned by their obsession with Disney’s Frozen, I decided to change our party theme and they were NOT complaining! They were thrilled…I was thrilled AND by some miracle I was able to still use the same colors I had been planning.
I went with a pink, purple and turquoise theme. Coincidentally, these are the colors we used to “identify” the triplets when they were babies…dressing them in these colors for photoshoots and such.
As always, I work very hard to fit my visions into my budget. I don’t have a lot of character based items & décor. It can be difficult (and pricey) to find Frozen toys and party supplies but you can make it work without it! Instead, I chose to decorate using the colors I’d picked and incorporate the theme with a few free printables, snowflakes and some trees I use for Christmas Décor! I bought solid colored plates, cups, napkins, table cloth all from Walmart for around $1 each. It turned out perfectly! I love how all the bright colors just came together!

Invitations by SplendidINK on Etsy!
I apologize for the color fade on the invites…that happened when I tried to edit out our personal info on it.
You could really go all out with this and purchase darling Frozen attire from the stores, princess dresses or even handmade items on Etsy.com. I have 3 to buy for so I made it work with a little refashioning & reusable skirts.
I made some Frozen hair bows and used the extra ribbon to make dangly bows to safety pin onto some white tank tops we already had.
I bought these cheap skirts on Ebay HERE. They are a killer deal and our girls also have them in black. I LOVE these skirts!
It wouldn’t be a party without a Chalkboard tribute right?
As you can see above, the giant print-outs I have from their newborn photo shoot matched the party perfectly. A-DOR-A-BLE. It breaks my heart that they have grown so fast! In these photos they were each about 4 lbs and they were 2.5 months old.
(Newborn Photography By Lemon Lily Photography)
The trees above were pulled from my Christmas Décor Stash
Snowflakes came from Amazon HERE

The “THREE” bunting obviously had double meaning because we now have THREE 3 year olds…catchy right? Ok maybe it’s just me. But I love how it turned out! I found the cutest polka dot burlap at Joann Crafts and used it for the bunting & table décor.
 This year I decided to make them individual cakes because it’s so much quicker than a huge cake (even for a cake designer like myself)

Frozen Bottlecap Necklace “Thank You” Favors

Snowman Building Kit
2 Large Marshmallows (body)
3 Pretzel sticks (arms & to hold body together)
1 orange tictac (nose)
2 Choc Chips (eyes)
“Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” bag toppers from SplendidINK

Push Up Cake pops!! I am sooo glad I purchased these this year. We’ve wanted to make them forever and there are so many different things you can do with them. Cute Courtney Whitmore with Pizzazzerie even has a book out full of ideas! I found the BEST deal on Amazon where they even come with the stand that you can decorate however you want. I bought 2. Here’s the link:
I found this printable & the one below through Google Image Search and just printed them out at home.
I used Washi Tape to decorate some of my frames.

I had my very talented friend Heidi make our sugar cookies again this year. It’s always nice to employ help with parties and this is the one thing I let someone else do. I give her an idea and she comes up with something better than I picture EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. LOVE her! And the best part is they taste AMAZING!!! If you’re in Utah, you can contact her on Facebook (Heidi Huchel Drake) 

More tiny details…
I painted wooden spoons and forks and used matching paper straws to jazz it up a bit
I found these free Frozen Coloring Pages through Google Image Search

 Out happy as can be little 3 yr olds!
My highly anticipated balloon tassles ended up a major FAIL because we didn’t have Hi-Float helium in our balloons…bummer…SO I turned it into a table garland instead!

Cake Time!
And yes, they each got their own individual birthday song :)
These Frozen Toddler dolls were SUCH a great gift from Grandma & Grandpa Taylor! Since they fit the theme I had to include them!
The biggest highlight by far was the Bounce House Double Slide Combo rental we had for the WHOLE DAY. I’ve never seen kids happier!! Definitely worth it!

Clearly, Saydee enjoyed the cookies. She may have had a lion’s share.

 Me and my little ladies!
It was such a fabulous party and I hope this inspires someone to pull off their own Frozen theme party with the simple tricks I’ve used on a family budget!


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