DIY Pallet Map Knock-Off

 For Today:

The inspiration for this project (one of my FAVORITES BTW!) came from seeing some wooden pallet style maps around the last few months that I wanted so badly to add to my home.

I love anything with a rustic vibe and I’m really leaning into more natural looks and colors for my home. Here are some pieces of inspiration I found.

Pottery Barn $349.00

Etsy Shop

World Market $80 (Sold Out)

You can also get personal with it and choose a US State:

I went with a Map of the US because it’s absolutely timeless to me. This is a piece that I don’t feel will ever be out of fashion or trend. I can see this piece having a place in any future home we have. I love that about it!

I knew this project would be a piece of cake because it’s not much different from my silhouette tutorials. You can find them HERE and HERE. Ok so here’s what you’ll need!

Boards: Many options here. You can buy a few pieces and cut them yourself depending on how big you want it. Or you can tear apart a pallet. If you want something really small, you could get away with some left over wood scraps. I wanted a pretty big one. One that could make a statement and would still look great with vaulted ceilings. Mine is approx 3ft x 4ft. I could’ve purchased the giant boards and cut them BUT I was in the mood for a QUICK one-night project. So I bought the precut wood at a grand total of $19. Now, if I didn’t already have stain and paint I probably would’ve saved a few bucks and bought the bigger pieces and had them cut.
Stain: I chose Dark Walnut (already had some at home)
White Paint (or your choice of color)
Paint Brushes: You will want small ones for outlining and a large sponge brush for the rest
Sandpaper for distressing (optional)
Last, you will need a map!

Print the FREE template in the size you want from HERE.

Step 1. After you have your desired measurements, line up your pieces of board making sure they are level with no cracks in between. Flip them over. Use wood glue to attach several pieces of wood going vertically to connect all the pieces together. After the glue has dried, secure them by drilling screws into those pieces of wood.

Step 2. Stain your wood in your desired color. Again I used Dark Walnut that we had already. Make sure you go back and wipe with a rag before it dries to get an even stain. Let it dry for a few hours or overnight.
Step 3. After you have printed your free map template (link above), lay all of your papers out. Cut along the outside edges and then tape them all together.
Step 4. Tape in several spots so that it stays in place and then begin to trace with a pencil.
If you have carbon paper, you can skip the cutting and just tape all of the pieces together, lie the carbon paper onto the boards, put the map on top of that and trace the outline. The image will transfer onto the wood. I didn’t have carbon paper and didn’t feel it necessary to buy some so tracing worked for me. If you are doing something more complex, like a map of the World, you might want to try the carbon paper method.

 Step 5. After you have traced the outline, remove the map and begin filling in the borders with a fine tip paint brush. I used a medium paint brush to blend in toward the middle a little to make sure my outer lines were nice and thick. Continue in the middle with a big foam brush.

Step 6. Once the paint has dried (I always use a hair dryer!), if you want a distressed look. simply take some sand paper and age that baby until your little heart is content!

 Here’s a close-up of my distressing

I mean really??? It was THAT easy? When I catch a glance at this I honestly feel like I could have paid top dollar for something like this. And it was SO easy!

I still haven’t decided where to hang this gem but it’s a keeper!


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