Felt Bunting Tutorial

My little triplet girls have a photo shoot coming up that I’m SO excited for! It has a girly vintage theme so I’ve been busy making every single prop for it. I wanted to make a simple but elegant looking bunting. I’ve made many a bunting, banner and garland in my time so I wanted to try something different. I decided to mess around with felt since it is SO easy!

This is a really simple project.

So unfortunately, I didn’t take too many photos. But I will do my best to explain step-by-step what I did!
I picked out several sheets of felt in the colors I wanted.
I cut each sheet in half lengthwise.
Then I folded them in half lengthwise AGAIN.
Now fold in HALF.
While pinching the felt folded, I cut in at an angle TOWARD the fold. Basically cutting out a triangle.
When you unfold it, you will have the teeth-shaped bunting cut.
*If this is too confusing, you can just cut out your bunting shape one by one by free handing it. But this is the shortcut I use to make sure that both sides are even.*


Once you have cut all of your “teeth” out, you can lay out your twine, ribbon, string or whatever you want to use for hanging.
Fold your bunting over the rope and secure with hot glue. Make sure that your teeth ends front and back match up with each other.
That’s it!

You can get fancy and add any embelishments you desire…or even use a sewing machine!
Another option is to fold your bunting in half, glue it and then connect all the buntings together by using a sewing machine like you would with a garland.

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