Toddler Easter Egg Dying

This is by far the BEST method we have found for letting our little dye Easter eggs, practically mess free and stress free!
When I starting imagining our toddler triplets dying Easter eggs, I was having anxiety picturing the mess and frustration…I almost canned the idea all together. But this is a SPILL FREE way that saved our lives and allowed our littles to participate in this fun tradition with our family.
First of all, we get a box and cut circles in it that will fit whatever cup we are going to use. Make sure it’s wider than the bottom of the cup but smaller than the top of the cup so you can wedge it in there nice and tight. This makes it a fabulous spill free activity!
Another fabulous trick we use to prevent eggs rolling all over the place and cracking is using whisks instead of spoons! This has been AMAZING!!!! The kids just need our help getting the eggs in and out and they can walk all over, dip the eggs in and out without dropping them. We LOVE these tricks and we will never do it another way!!
Another fun tip of ours is to use Americolor Food Coloring instead of the tablets you buy in the store. The eggs dye SO much faster! And we already have plenty of this color on hand for my cake decorating.
Try it out…you’ll never go back!

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