DIY Glitter Crowns

This idea came about because I wanted to come up with whimsical and girly cake toppers for my triplets’ photo shoot. This is a very simple craft that you could probably use for so many different things! Here’s how I did it.
Cut an old toilet paper roll with scissors into the shape of a crown. Aren’t toilet paper rolls good for SO many things?!!
Next, I covered them in gold acrylic paint. While the paint was still wet, I added some fine glitter first and didn’t think it was enough. Here’s what they looked like at this point.
This is after adding thicker gold glitter. So much better!
Next, I sponged some Mod Podge lightly on top to seal it all in.
I glued little pearls to the tops because it still felt like it needed something.
And this is how they turned out! So magical…so easy!

I like this project because it would be easy enough to add it to a headband or add some cute fake rose flowers to the bottoms. So many ideas!


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