DIY Ruffle Book Page Wreath

Have $2?
Then this will suit your fancy.

 I have seen so many cute book page wreaths out there! Am I a terrible person for loving the idea of demolishing precious pages out of a book to display on a wall? Eh, maybe to some. But I must declare this:


And honestly?? Once I’ve read a book and either don’t plan to read it again OR have easy access to another copy, I think it’s an HONOR to display the precious words on a wall for everyone to see as the treasure that they are. So no, I did not pick some trashy romance novel or worthless story for $1 at the thrift store (which is a great idea)…I picked an old paperback classic I had. A copy of course. Nothing fancy or hardbound. I picked Jane Eyre. I mean if I’m gonna go for it I’m gonna make it a good one. It’s not a favorite, but something about displaying a Harlequin Romance on my mantle just doesn’t feel right. ;)
Moving on.
Most paper wreaths I’ve seen are the cone versions. I wanted something a little more unique. I wanted to try out the ruffled look. I’m all about big and fluffy.
First, while the book was still alive (put together), I painted all of the paper edges with a dark gray paint. You could use a brown too. This just ages it a little and gives them some detail to stand out.
I purchased this styrofoam wreath for $1 at Dollar Tree.

 Next, you can roll your papers in any fashion you want. I chose to do all of mine the same and GENTLY folded them into an “S” shape. In order to make this wreath have the “ruffle” look, you don’t want any folding and creasing. So make sure you’re rolling them and pinching only at the bottoms.

 For the bottom layer of the wreath, you will need to put a dab of hot glue in between all the places where the paper touches so that it wont unfold. Sound time consuming?? Don’t worry, later on, you will see that you don’t need to do this for the rest of the wreath so hang in there with me.
 Next, hot glue the bottom of the paper to the wreath all the way down to the center, covering the entire wreath.
 Continue around until it looks like this. (above)
 Next, you will want to fill in the gaps. Instead of gluing in between each fold of paper, now you get to fold it over about half an inch and THEN glue. (see below)
 As you can see below, I am tucking these pieces underneath the row I previously finished. Filling in the gaps.
 Completed bottom…
 Now turn the wreath over and make sure to put some good weight and pressure on it to flatten the bottom.

 Now you’re going to fold the bottom of the paper TWICE. This will make the paper the size that you need to keep it even all around. You can kind of eye ball this one. Fold it however you need to in order to make sure the ends aren’t sticking out further than the papers already glued in place. If you want a staggered look then don’t worry about this. I wanted mine pretty conformed and even.

 I continued glueing these pieces all the way up the wreath.
 Once I got to the center, I did not fold the middle pieces. I simply glued them straight down and folded them down over the wreath a little to expose the circle in the middle of the wreath. You will want to look over the wreath and fill in any big spaces or gaps that you want until you have the fullness you desire.
 And that’s that!!
Time it took? I watched one full episode of Call The Midwife. Guilty pleasure and craft knocked out in one. Just how I like it.

Fun Tip: It doesn’t have to be book pages…you could do this with any paper! Plain white, colored construction paper or even scrap book paper. Get creative!

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