DIY Tent Canopy

I had so much fun putting together this easy tent canopy for my girls! Not only did we use it for our photo shoot, but it makes a perfect little reading nook when hung from the ceiling!
 First, I purchased the biggest Embroidery Hoop I could find at Joann Fabrics. I believe this is the hoop I purchased. HERE
Then I ordered 4 sheer curtain panels at 84″ long from Amazon. I was able to get 2 for $6 HERE. Pretty great deal!
You can either leave the curtains plain, or you can paint something fun on them. I wanted to paint gold polkadots so this is how that went.
I laid down a paint tarp and then taped my curtain flat on top.
I wanted big polka dots so I purchased a fat round paint sponge

Using Martha Stewart Gold Acrylic Paint, I eyeballed my spots and spread them out the distance I wanted them.

Then I used a hair dryer to dry the paint so that it won’t stick to much to the plastic tarp underneath. Because the curtain is sheer, it will bleed through to the other side.
After the paint had dried, I slipped the curtain around the hoop. You will  have to unscrew the hoop to do this. The best way to do this and keep the curtain from snagging on the wooden pieces that stick out, is to tie a ziploc bag around the ends of the hoop. This will allow your curtain to slide over the hoop more smoothly.
I actually ended up only painting 2 panels. It was a little exhausting. So I put them on the hoop every other one painted.
I picked out some cute ribbon to let hang from my tent.
To tie the ribbons or fabric to your hoop, you will need to cut a slit in the curtain where you want the ribbon to hang…as you can see above. That way, you can tie your ribbon around the hoop.
 I think the ribbons give it a little more playful character.


  1. Dj says

    Hi, was wondering if I could use the hoopla hoop instead of embroidery hoop. Seems bit expensive for me :( . U think it will work?

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