Triplets Bedroom Makeover


This post is about 10 months late. But since we are moving out of our darling little home, I figured it was about time to share my FAVORITE room in the house.
I had a blast putting together our triplets’ nursery when they were born and my favorite thing about it was that I made everything myself, including hand-painting the art. But I was even MORE thrilled when it was time to transition into a Big Girl Room!
Okay, partially thrilled.
Getting rid of their cribs…NOT so easy. Emotionally AND mentally!
The girls did really well transitioning into beds, other than they still have to be separated for naps. It’s just one big slumber party every time they are in there. I can’t say I blame them.
But letting go of their cribs was just another reminder that I no longer have 3 little babies. Growing older can break a mother’s heart.
Anyway, putting my special DIY touch in this room was no exception. I made just about everything myself again.
Instead of a theme, I went for colors.
I made this darling garland out of fabric pieces. I intended on hanging their giant canvases under it but never got around to it.

I had my talented step-mom make these Stripwork Rag Quilts. I told her exactly what I wanted and even picked out the fabric and she did an amazing job!! They are a mixture of cotton and minky.

Here’s another close up of the quilts

It was hard finding just the right aqua ruffle curtain that I wanted, so I decided to make one myself. I thought sewing one would be a little too tedious, so this is what I did.

 I found this White Ruffle Shower curtain on & dyed it.
Then I cut it in half and voila!
We painted the entire room in the same light gray we used in our front room.
I added an striped accent wall

I wanted some BIG prints for their room but didn’t wanna spend the money so I found some of my favorite images on and printed them at Costco. I purchased the darling LDS Salt Lake City Temple print from
Then I got these $5 wood frames from Michaels Stores and sprayed them with a watermelon colored spray paint

If you’ve seen my segment on Studio 5 for my stenciled furniture. This was the piece that inspired that segment. You can see the tutorial HERE & watch the tv segment on KSL Studio 5 HERE

I got this darling Moroccan rug at

I put together this super cute balloon cluster in the corner of their room using tissue pom poms and accordian paper balloons

And then I strung some mini white lights through their curtain rod for a magical nightlight

And there you have it! My easy Big Girl Bedroom Makeover!
I’m so excited to be able to add some fun ideas to it when we move!


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    I love the colors you chose for the triplets’ room. That is definitely a big girl room. It’s very whimsical, yet very feminine at the same time. Awww! Getting rid of their cribs and replacing them with big girl beds can be a bit emotional. It’s like a transition and a wakeup call, telling you that they’re really growing up. Anyway, good job on the makeover! :D

    Roberta Fox @ Mattress Glendale

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