Cereal Bar Party!

My husband just turned 30 and I thought it would help him feel a little young at heart to have one of his favorite foods laid out in front of him like a buffet. So a Cereal Bar it was!
I had so much fun putting this party together because it was one of  the simplest parties I’ve ever done. I mean really…you pick out cereal, buy some milk and then pick something cute and fun to display them in!
You can spice it up by decorating the glass canisters ( Walmart for $5-$7 each) like I did or leave them plain. If you don’t already have fun canisters to use and want to buy some, these make darling craft storage after!
I used some painted burlap ribbon, chalk tags and decorated clothes pins.
All from Michaels
I used 2 measuring cup sets for as spoons instead of buying candy scoops (which can be hard to find, and/or expensive when you need a lot)
We used about 4 gallons of milk. I had ice in the bottom and top compartments of my dispenser to keep the milk cold. But we also put 2 gallons in the freezer to alternate. When the milk wasn’t cold enough anymore, I would pour the milk back into the jugs, put it in the freezer and use the ones that had been sitting in the freezer. I only put the milk in the freezer just before the party so that nothing actually froze…just stayed VERY chilled. It worked like a charm!

I made some Rice Krispie Treats AND to make it a little more exciting, I also made some Trix Cereal Treats.

As many of you know, I have a custom cake business and I usually make the hubby a fun cake. But this time I wanted to take a load off and I thought a donut tower would fit our breakfast theme perfectly! I used about 6 containers of donut holes and used toothpicks to stick them into the largest styrofoam cone I could find at the craft store. This was a hit. Although I didn’t love the extra donuts laying around in the kitchen the next day. I feel like a garbage gut right now! I just can’t resist anything miniature and cute!

We made this party as fun and “youthful” as we could. We played outdoor games and enjoyed the summer sun too!

We had volleyball, ping pong and a Corn Hole Toss game. Gosh I love summer!

As you can see below, happy faces all over my little fam. This party was a HUGE hit with the kids. Toddlers and Teens included. The kids talked about it for days and I think it’s a birthday party idea everyone should experience at least once!

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