DIY Crochet Lace Shorts Knock-off


One of my favorite fashion trends right now is the Crochet Lace Short. Have you seen them? Crazy darling!! And even though I don’t wear shorts that short, I have 3 toddler girls that can totally pull them off!

You can get a pretty good deal on them if you happen to catch them on a good sale or boutique site like, but even for me, buying 3 pairs for my girls is still more than I’m willing to pay and let’s face it…I LOVE A DIY CHALLENGE!!
So I decided to take this one on. And it was much easier than I even anticipated! Bonus!

I purchased these shorts from Walmart for $3.88. You could probably use bicycle shorts but the crochet lace shorts are more of a loose fit. And you can get them in several colors!


Then I picked out the best lace trim I could find. I wanted crochet but they didn’t have any and I’m guessing it would’ve been more expensive. This trim was $1.99 per yard at Hobby Lobby AND it was 30% off. If you have a coupon you can get 40% off (I used my coupon on some fun fabric for pillow covers instead!)
I bought 9 yards for my 3 pairs of shorts. The shorts were size 3t. So this is totally going to depend on the size of shorts you’re making and how many. But I used just a little over 3 yards for 3T shorts.
Making the total project approx. $8
I’ve seen these shorts cost as much as $25 so that’s a savings I’m willing to put the work into!
Ok on to the tutorial
Step 1:
Decide how far you want your lace to hang down past the hem. I used some dot detail on the lace as a guide since it was about where I wanted it to lay. Start at the side seam and pin your trim around the bottom of your shorts.
 Step 2:
Make sure you use a separate piece of lace for each short leg. At least for the bottom. This is what will keep them looking like shorts instead of a skirt. Overlap your ends and fold them under before sewing them so that you have a nice clean edge where the lace meets.
**Make sure you use a ZigZag Stitch so they can have a little stretch in them**
 This is what it will look like once you have sewn the bottom row.

 Step 3:
For most of the crochet lace shorts I’ve seen, the rest of the “ruffles” or “lace rows” are one piece all the way around like a skirt. So from here on out you can just use one strip and pin all the way around.

**Always make sure you double check your pins to make sure you haven’t pinned all the way through to the other side. You don’t want to sew your shorts closed!**
 This is what they will look like once they are sewn.

For the remaining rows, keep an eye on your spacing to make sure each of the rows are the same distance apart from each other or it will probably turn out an ugly mess! You don’t need to measure or anything, just a good eyeballing will do!
For the top, I folded down the trim so that it ended where I needed it to and was a cleaner more solid edge. I considered sewing a plain ribbon trim on top of it just to clean it up but haven’t yet. It would make it look more finished.

And there you have it! I am SOO happy with the way they turned out! I can’t wait to pair them with cute summer tops and tanks. And this would certainly make a cute skirt too. What a fun way to make some trendy clothes on a budget!


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