DIY Reading Nook

You’ve seen my fun tutorial on the EASY & AFFORDABLE

DIY Tent Canopy
and all the things you can do with it HERE.
Now, I’ve shared more creative ways to use this canopy on KSL’s Studio 5!


I showed Brooke a cute little setup for a magical outdoor picnic set up under a tree that’s really easy to put together!

You can watch the segment by clicking

And then I shared our family favorite, a reading corner!


You can get all the details in the video but it’s basically the same method as my original Tent Canopy.
Wooden Embroidery Hoop-$3
4 Sheer White Curtain Panels-$16 (source:
2 Bags of pompoms-$3
White Ribbon or Yarn
Instead of buying pompom fringe ribbon, I hotglued pompoms on the ends to save money. You could hotglue random pompoms all over the curtains to make it even more fun!
You can hot glue flowers, bows, etc…the possibilities are endless!
I also strung through some white Christmas lights for a magical nighttime effect.
I hope you take on this little project so you can see what fun your littles will have with it. Our kids love to play in theirs with just about anything!


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