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It’s that time of year to give your skin some fresh sunshine. And even though growing up, I never felt like shorts flattered my figure, modest fashion trends have turned my opinion around as an adult!
I’m always looking for flattering and trendy Bermuda shorts that fit my budget and style. When I came across these darling Bling Denim Shorts on Kendall Jane Boutique through Instagram, I fell in love right away!
Now that I’ve had a chance to try them out, I give them 2 thumbs up!
In fact, they’ve made themselves worthy of my 2014 July 4th outfit of choice!
What I love about them:
They are flattering around my caboose which is the place I struggle with the most. I’ve always been overly blessed in the rump department and finding something to make it appear smaller is usually priority #1. You can barely tell that I’m carrying a barge in the back of these shorts because they are so dang cute!
The stitching is placed just right in areas to slenderize your legs!
The length is fabulous. These shorts are not stitched rolled up, you can actually unroll them and make them longer if you have longer legs or want a “capri” look. 
If you want to try out these darling shorts, hop over to Kendall Jane Boutique and make sure you take a browse around their shop…they have modest and trendy clothes for anyone’s budget!
Wanna hear the BEST part? Mommy Makes Things readers get a discount for one week only starting today!!
10% OFF Promo Code: MOMMY10
So don’t miss your chance! Hop over to Kendall Jane Boutique and get yours and be sure to follow them on Instagram to catch other great deals!
Thanks to the gals at Kendall Jane Boutique for the collaboration!
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