Agnes & Dora Deal!

Let’s talk Agnes & Dora’s new line & hook you up!
Ok friends, we’ve all come to know & LOVE the variety of fashionable (and SUPER comfortable) Agnes & Dora leggings, right? And if you haven’t…let’s just say that once you try them, your life will change.

But have you seen their new line of maxi skirts and my personal favorite…PENCIL SKIRTS?! I’m dying over the cuteness!

I first heard about their new line through my good friend Kami over at the Sweet Charli blog and I’m so glad she shared it! How adorable does she look in her Agnes & Dora pencil skirt!??

So I tried them out for myself and let me tell you…there are sooo many gorgeous choices.
I love the fabric…it’s just as fabulous as the legging fabric. VERY stretchy yet form fitting. And the waist band can be left high waisted or folded over at the hips. You can also wear this skirt above or below the knee depending on the length you want. Genius, right?
Here are a couple different ways I’ve worn my pencil skirt.

And these are just a COUPLE of ways to wear them. I’ve worn mine with a ruffle tank and cardigan, a striped tee, and a solid blouse loosely tucked in.
Be sure to check out their darling line for all the gorgeous patterns to choose from at
And be sure to use a Mommy Makes Things promo code for 15% off!!
This post is sponsored by Agnes and Dora


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