DIY Cake Topper Ideas

I’ve put together some of my favorite DIY Cake Topper ideas that anyone can pull off without needing any “baking skills”.

KSL Studio 5 invited me to share some of my easiest topper ideas. I loved showing that you don’t need fancy piping skills to make a darling cake that will pop! You can slap on some frosting with a knife and leave the rest to the top.
You can watch my video segment and all the ideas I shared by clicking HERE

Here’s a fun cake topper that gives you the freedom to write whatever you want in a big bold way! You can create any word, name or even number!

 Here’s how I did it using pompom balls, pipe cleaner, wooden dowels and a glue gun!

You can even make a banner using the same method and glue it to some cute paper straws!
Next is a favorite of mine. These fluffy flower pom poms can be created with several different materials:
Tissue Paper

 Here’s how I did it. It’s basically the same method you use when you are making fluffy tissue paper balloons! Just take it down to a smaller scale.

Layer fabric sheets. Fold in a back and forth zig zag motion…like you’re making an acordion paper. Tie the middle VERY tight with string or twine. Snip or round the edges with scissors. Fluff and use some hot glue to get the ball to stay round if it’s a thick fabric.
Then hot glue a wooden dowel in the middle

Below is a DIY Festooning or Tissue Fringe as I like to call it! You can buy festooning in the store in many different colors. It’s the same stuff used on pinatas.

 Take a small rectangle of tissue paper and fold in half lengthwise. This takes such a small amount of tissue paper that you can set aside some that you’re already using for gift wrapping at your party!

Ok, you’ll take some scissors and cut some fringe, then twist your fringe about every inch or so. When you’re done, fix and fluff it with your fingers until it’s nice and bushy!

Then you’ll just twist the ends around a dowel and glue tight.
I love playing with Coffee Filters! The coffee filter wreath I made is still one of my favorites. But coffee filters are strong and versatile that you can really shape it into so many fun things!

I’ve dyed my coffee filters by soaking a handful COMPLETELY in a mixture of water and food coloring. Make sure you dye them a few shades darker than you want because they will come out lighter. Wring out the filter and then lay flat. You can let these dry in the house but I like to put them out in the hot sun to speed up the process.

As you can see below, I’ve folded them several times and pinched only at the bottom corner so that it forms a fluffy flower. Then start glueing your flower pieces together until you form a nice big flower.

Below, I’ve shared a QUICK idea that just uses popsicle sticks and washi tape!
 And last, you can find the tutorial for my Gold Glitter Crown toppers (that I made out of Toilet Paper rolls) by clicking HERE!

And thanks again to everyone with Studio 5 for having me on again!

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