DIY Felt Food Tea Party

Have you seen the darling toy craze with felt food? I’m in love. Here’s why. It’s safe, so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges, swallowing or even breakable items. I love that with embellished details the food looks so fancy and cute! The best part? YOU CAN MAKE IT YOURSELF! No really…this is absolutely a project that beginners can try out. And if you know how to sew, there’s so much more you can do with it!
 I shared these ideas on my latest segment with Studio 5 and you can watch that HERE for more details!
If you’re a beginner, the best thing to start out with is simple shapes. I made this little Tea Party because most of the food shapes stick to circles, triangles and squares.  You can find templates and patterns for more advanced food like cakes, pies, cupcakes and ice cream cones! But let’s stick to the simple stuff.
Felt Tea Bags

 1. Cut 2 rectangles of the same size.
 2. Use your glue gun around the bottom edges
 3. Place your top rectangle onto the glue, seal and trim the edges to make it look like a tea bag
 4. Stuff with 100% polyfill. You hardly need any.

Last, place a cute ribbon in between and glue shut. I attached the other end of the ribbon to a smaller square.

DIY Felt Cherry Pie
This is one of my favorites! It took such little effort but looks so real!
1. Cut 2 large circles
2. Cut both into equal fourths
3. Seal the edges together with a hot glue gun & fill with a little stuffing
4. Glue Pom Poms on top

After that, you can cut small strips of felt and glue them across the cherries in a weave look!

Felt Donuts

1. Cut 2 giant circles by tracing around a cup or bowl. Then trace a small circle in the middle. Make sure your donut ring is thick so you have room to stuff in the middle.
2. Seal the 2 pieces together by only adding hot glue to the inner edge and outer edge and be sure to leave a pocket unglued to stuff your polyfill in!
3. Stuff with polyfill stuffing and glue shut
4. Trace a drippy circle around the donut a little bit bigger than the donut size. Make sure the hole you cut in the middle is smaller than your donut hole.

Then glue the frosting on top and glue some tiny felt strips to the top for sprinkles!
Pirhouette Cookie Sticks

1. Roll a tiny 1 in x 4 in strip of ivory felt into a tiny stick and glue together.
2. Roll a 4 in x 4 in strip of brown felt AROUND the ivory one like a burrito and glue shut.

Felt Cookies
I didn’t take any pics of this process but it’s the same as the others above. Just glue 2 identical circles together, leaving a small pocket for stuffing and then after it’s sealed shut you can add more detail to it by handstitching with string or yarn around the edges.
As I mentioned above, you can make your felt food so much more eye pleasing and unique by using handstitching details instead of a hot glue gun. It’s more time consuming but the result is worth it!
If you’re interested in some DARLING advanced Felt Food patterns, you can find some at this cute Etsy shop Gulf Coast Cottage.

Last, this was actually my last segment with Brooke Walker on Studio 5 before our big move to Florida. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with them the last year and share what I love. I’ve met so many wonderful people, made great friends and I’ve learned so much. I can only hope to be a part of the show again when we return to Utah. What an amazing experience it has been! And I’m so grateful to all of my supporters that love to watch my segments…it warms my heart!
If you haven’t seen any of my segments, you can watch them on KSL Studio 5 HERE


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