Hydrangea Fall Wreath

   Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Putting up a fall wreath on my front door is always the first thing I do to get pumped for fall decorating. It’s ALWAYS been my favorite time of year and each year I add a little more. Last year I made this DIY FALL RAG WREATH and it was darling. But I was itching for something bigger and better. It’s a sickness really. Just ask the husband. I’m pretty sure he’s secretly looking into some sort of recovery group for me.

This year has been particularly hard now that we are living in Southwest Florida. I mean seriously folks, it’s 90 degrees here and the humidity is insane so I am BAKING when I walk out the door. It’s 90 degrees by 9am! It just doesn’t feel right putting out pumpkins with sweat dripping down my brow. But I’m not ready to give up yet. It’s slowly surfacing around my home.

I saw a similiar hydrangea wreath circling the net and decided that I had to give it a go myself. Wreaths are usually so much easier to make than they look and my collection just can’t be big enough in my opinion. They are taking over.

What You’ll Need:

12-14 inch wire wreath ( I can’t remember which sorry!)

10 hydrangeas in fall colors-I bought a few at a time with coupons from Hobby Lobby & Walmart

Some burlap ribbon (always on hand in my home!)

Here we go

Step 1: Cut most of the leaves off & reserve in a pile for later

Step 2. Cut the stems about 5-6 inches down from the flower ( leave enough to twist around your wire wreath )

Step 3. Start twisting your wires onto your wreath as tightly as you can. Tying in knots where you can

Step 4. Fill in empty spaces with extra leaves by twisting their stems through the wires as well.


And this is the beautiful welcome it gives on my new front door! I just love it. And I love that even though my house is still not completely unpacked, from the outside I appear to have it all together. I have you fooled. All it takes is a wreath folks.



And let’s not forget that you can make just about any color hydrangea wreath with this same method! I have many white hydrangeas throughout my home and I can see a white wreath coming one day!

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to see your wreaths! Tag me on Instagram @mommymakesthings


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