Painted Pumpkins!


Have you ever thought about painting plastic pumpkins? You know, those cheapo $2-$3 orange plastic pumpkins you can buy at Walmart? Well, I stocked up on those bad boys a few years ago. Thinking they would last an eternity of Fall/Halloween decorating. But this year, I wasn’t feeling the orange in my dining room. I just wasn’t. It felt tacky, out of place and bleckgh. So…I painted pumpkins. I did.


So I took to my trusty paintbrush. I used some easy acrylic craft paint in white and tan and went to town. It was so quick and easy and the result was exactly what I wanted.


Now, I’m a lover of fall. The colors, the smells, the nip in the air. But something about this just felt more homey to me and I’m loving it. It still feels like fall but it blends well. So if you’re having a hard time finding small white pumpkins for sale, or you want pumpkins that will last longer than a few months, invest in these cheap little fellas and have a night with your paint brush! I’m not regretting it one bit!



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