DIY Halloween Top

DIY Halloween Top

Are you ready for another refashion? I’m so excited to share my DIY Halloween Top today! We just go nuts over Halloween in this house! I know it’s not the most meaningful holiday out there. But we really take advantage of the opportunity to do something fun, something different. It helps to switch up our routines a little. It’s a way to encourage you to take advantage and make more traditions with your family. Our Halloween activities are some of our favorite memories as a family! There’s just something about talking ’round a table of pumpkin carving. And that caramel apple cider…don’t get me started!

I also like to come up with at least 1 Halloween outfit each year for our triplets. It’s usually something I make and I always pick something easy. Especially since I often make their costumes myself. That’s enough work! I think one of my favorites was for their first Halloween. I made these onesies, tutus and headbands and it was TOO cute! I was hooked! It’s so unfair how fast they are growing.


We’re really into ruffled clothes in our house right now. And by “we” I basically mean myself, cuz let’s face it…it’s like getting to play dress up with 3 cute toddler girls every day and I eat it right up. Luckily, my girls get excited about anything I dress them in. (knock on wood) Now when it comes to styling hair, some days I’m all in…some days not so much. All I can say is thank goodness the topknot is in style! But back to ruffles…

This year I teamed up with Riley Blake Designs to turn these adorable Ruffle Sleeve Tops into a fashionable Bib Top. Bib tops are so easy. If you haven’t tried them before, this tutorial will get you excited!

I got these plain ruffle sleeve tops for about $10 a piece through Which is a pretty reasonable price, considering a lot of high end boutiques sell these tops for $20-$40 depending on the details. And you can get these tops in different sleeve lengths AND colors. So you can make bib tops or any refashioned tops in any color combo your heart desires!



For my ruffles, I got this cute polka dot fabric from Riley Blake Designs! And if polka dots make you happy, they have them in so many colors…I’m dreaming of a Valentine Bib Top as we speak! I had several tops to make but I only needed about half a yard for the ruffles.

Riley Blake polka dot fabric


First, you’ll cut a strip about 3-4 inches wide and 36 in length.

DIY Halloween Top

Next, you’ll want to iron down one long side of your strips about 1/4 inch and sew a seam.


Then you’ll set your sewing machine to the highest tension and stitch length and sew along the opposite side to make your ruffle.


Pull the top thread and cinch along until your ruffle is gathered.

Next, pin the 2 ends of your ruffle next to your collar and pin the rest of the ruffle down until it looks the way you want. Make SURE  you don’t pin the top of the shirt to the back. Always slip your hand inside the shirt to keep this from happening. Believe me, I’ve sewn a shirt together in the past and it’s not a happy feeling.


After you sew your ruffle to your top, take a piece of fabric for the middle. Measure the width and height of your bib “center” and add about an inch to that for your seam.


You will want to cut TWO pieces of this. To cut this out and make it even, I simply cut the measurements I needed (about 4.5 x 5.5), laid them on top of eachother and then folded it in half like below before I rounded it off.


Now you will sew the 2 pieces together leaving the top open. Turn it inside out and iron down flat.


Now you can pin this to the center of your bib, tuck in the open top by folding under and then sew all around the edges.


Now you can add some buttons for embellishment!


And there you have it. A darling and easy Halloween Bib Top that looks like it came from a boutique! Don’t we all love the look for less??!! I do!! So don’t forget to head over to Riley Blake Designs to pick out the perfect fabric for your bib tops!

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