Halloween Pallet Art

Halloween Pallet Art

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year! Mostly because I love the crisp of the fall and all that comes with it. Even though living in Southwest Florida now deprives me of those joys, I still sit here sipping my caramel apple spice dreaming up my next project for spookifying up our home! I decided to make this Halloween Pallet Art because #1, who can’t get enough of pallet art, right? And #2, I had all the scraps already laying around the garage so it cost me $1 for this whole project! You just can’t beat that.

Mr Mommy Makes Things recently built our triplets some new toddler beds from the Ana White plans and he had a pile of leftovers. That’s like the equivalent to showing up at a buffet for me! I walk around the garage like a rat just stealing everything I can! I attached 3 equal pieces of wood together with crossing pieces on the back.

Next, I painted with some black chalk paint (because I ALWAYS have that on hand!), and then used a thick round sponge brush to add some white polka dots.

Halloween Pallet Art

By the way, I love that living in Southwest Florida helps all my paint projects dry in record time outside! Badabing!


Next. I found this darling black Spider Web frame at Michaels for $1!! So I wanted to make a layered frame with it and add a cute Halloween printable inside. I decided to make my own using the Rhonna Designs app and printed at home.

Halloween Pallet Art

I ended up spray painting the frame orange so that it stood out against my black pallet. I’m more of a black/white Halloween person so I like less orange.


Since the frame edges are so tiny (it’s a simple little wood frame), I just taped the print to the frame with some washi tape.


After that I just used some wood glue to attach the frame and set something heavy on top of it for 30 minutes until it felt safe and sound.

This is how the Halloween Pallet Art ties into my fun Halloween Shelf!

Bats & Glitter crows from Martha Stewart crafts at Joanns

Skeletons from Walmart years ago

White Plastic Pumpkins from Walmart

DIY Orange Burlap garland

Beware Banner is from Emmie Cakes on Etsy about 5 years ago.

Halloween Pallet Art

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