Halloween Wreath

Burlap Halloween Wreath

I love burlap. And I love Halloween. Naturally, we must combine the two! So I’m sharing my simple take on this Burlap Halloween Wreath that I made with my sis-in-law.

What You’ll Need:

2-3 rolls of Black Burlap (at least 4 inches in width)

A medium wire wreath ( I believe it’s 15 in?

An accent wire ribbon for the bow. I got this Orange Chevron Burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby!


Glue Gun (just to glue your bow on)

Now, this really is sooo simple. If you haven’t made a ruffled burlap wreath before, you will be addicted! After you unroll your burlap, start making a medium loop on one end and tucking it up through the outside wire row. You can see below how you really don’t need a perfect loop, just start shoving the burlap up through the wire in a messy fashion and use your fingers to fluff out an imperfect loop.

Halloween Wreath

To get these loops to stay both tight and random, it helps to twist them at the bottom before moving over to the next loop. I went back and forth from the outside section working inward toward the middle of the wreath. The less you make these loops uniform the more fluff and texture your wreath will have. BUT, make sure you’re making the sizes even so you don’t have giant fluffy parts of your wreath and small parts. You want the whole wreath to be even all the way around.

Halloween Wreath

As you can see above, after completing a few loops on each side, I cinch it up tight by pushing the loops up together. You want to squeeze as many loops as you can to make the wreath more full looking.

I tucked the ends of the burlap in tight and then looked over the wreath to fluff and pull anything that needed adjusting. If you have loops that are too big and stick out, you can pull the loop from the backside of the wreath to make it smaller. No one will see the backside.


Now, you can use your accent ribbon to hang it on your doorway with a bow, OR you can make it into an accent bow.

To make my bow, I laid out 3 ribbons about 24 in long and made them into a loop. I laid them all on top of each other at different angles. (Lay 2 down in the shape of an X and then lay one horizontally on top of them) Then I took a long piece of ribbon and tied these all together with the knot facing the back (this is what makes the middle of your bow). I let the remaining ends hang down. Cut the ends nice and shape them.

Halloween Wreath

I really wanted to put some wooden “Boo!” letters across the bow but I think I’ll add that next year …gives me something to look forward to right?! But that would totally complete this Halloween Wreath!

So what do you think? Halloween Chic?

Halloween Wreath

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