Monster Treat Boxes

Monster Treat Boxes

These days, with the husband in graduate school full time, we are trying even harder to find ways to not break the bank. So we’re getting more and more creative around here! I came up with these little DIY Monster Treat Boxes using something we always have around the house.

We use these Drink Mixes from Walmart and I like to empty the containers anyway so that I can have quick access to the packets and also see how many we have left. So I prefer them in a clear jar anyway. The wrappers peel right off and all I did was cut some construction paper, tape it on and draw some faces! We filled them with Halloween Pez dispensers and some Pumpkin Spice M&Ms.



SOO easy…SOO cheap and you know the kids love this stuff! I hope you enjoyed this super simple tutorial and come back soon for more!

Monster Treat Boxes

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